Horse pencil animation (without Freestyle)

Hi! long time don’t post anything here :o
This animation is part of an intro (motion graphics) for a short film.
It was done 100% in Blender except by the horse model (taken form a library).
>> Horse Pencil Animation Preview (5MB) <<
I hope you enjoy it! :wink:

beautiful rendering. how did you achieve it?
as for the animation, it looks good, only thing that bothered me is the way the back legs land, it looks too symmetrical.
I would also try to make some bigger movements on the head, or at least maybe in some parts of the cycle, just to get some variations.
is it slow motion like this in purpose?

It’s only textures, a mix of moving line draw images and some procedural ones.

Yes, now, I know how to solve it for the next time.

Would be good, but (like ever) no time :frowning:

Indeed It’s 50% speed and rendered at 12fps by request.

Thanks for critics :wink:

looks awesome!!

but yeah the back legs shouldn’t contact at the same time

a run on 16’s (24 fps) - (according to Richard Williams)
the front legs contact at 1 and 4
the back legs about 12 and 14
(cycle starts again on frame 17)

Looks great!

The only crit I have is that the pencil marks end on too sharp if an edge. I would think it would be a bit more random and sketchy :).

Just my opinion though!

Great job! :smiley:

Great job Caronte !!! Really impressive, the hair animation is just perfect

Wow! I like it, well done. I like the pencil look so much. The animation is great too, except by the back legs, the rest is great. The hair has a correct delay and the camera motion is smooth and effective. Good work.

Your comments are very appreciate. Thanks you :wink:

great work…I might not be that picky that i did not see anything on the rear legs until I read the comments. In real life in something so quick audience will aim their attention to the head and body…anyways great job ! Love the pencil texture.:evilgrin:

How did you do the hair? Is it softbody particles?

Yes :wink:

Great rendering and animation!

very good–and about the rear leg timing, i would say that it is just fine,but you could advance the moment that the rear hooves strike the ground by mebbe 1 frame.

spoken by someone who chases a cantering horse around a field on a regular basis

hi caronte , i see your animation i like , i cant think how can you achieve but its great thanks to share this information.

OMG wow:eek:

May be this fall if I’m lucky. That is great especially for a ONETRUEMEDIA thing!!! It would be perfect to enter in my new animation contest! really this is realy good i might try summin like this…