hosting stuff online

anyone have any good suggestions for hosting uncommon filetypes online?
most free hosts ive found so far only allow certain common filetypes, such as .jpg, .gif, etc.
i want to host my .avi, .tga, .bik, .blend, .aup, etc files. for free preferably
any suggestions?

i just changed things so that it can take .blend files now.

hope that helps.


You’re a good man.

How do I register? I tried the button at the top but that seems to be for sixmonkeys.

well you notice the gallery at the top. reading what is written there might be a good idea.

currently i am taking no more registrations. and i havn’t yet talked to bobthevirus (owner of sixmonkeys) telling him how to set up to allow blend files. (he bought hosting just to help me out with my bandwidth, hence the gallery hub)

but do go read the page titled “blend files”

i might take a few more people registering at my gallery at some stage, depends on bandwidth, but it is all decided through the register script, so its a random chance of registering at one or the other.


You’re a good man.[/quote]
It says temporary storage until is back up.

You’re a good man.[/quote]
It says temporary storage until is back up.[/quote]

no it doesn’t!!!

it says “temporary storage”, why? becuase if you want to share somthing with the community perminently, then IMO its better to have it in one location, I.E. blendermans model library.

but if you have a scene and want to share it with people, like you have just done an animation and such, or you want to have people help you on somthing then you can upload it to my gallery. people can download it, then once you nolonger need it, perhaps a month or two… then you can remove it.

i say its not perminent, because unlike the images (which i keep indefinatly on my server) the blend files take up heaps of space and are not intended by me to be there in 2 -3 years (unless my host gives me more space :P).


And/or you give more money to the company (perhaps possible if everybody likes artsy bookshelves) :wink:

no not possible.

i already have the largest package the host offers. and i already spend enough a year on it.

bookshelves or not LOL.