Hot Night

Had a little fun with Geradus’ sci-fi Blendswap model (it’s sooo nice), changed a few things and posed it, rendered in cycles then lots of PSD.

Head looks out of place.

Succinct! The lighting in the raw render was fairly soft, so once I upped the contrast and added loads of effects in PSD it lost the depth on the face, I agree. I guess the lesson to take would be to plan ahead!

Wow, it looks very nice! I agree, the head does look slightly out of place. But overall, I really like it! :slight_smile:

A little of bit of red on the cheek and the tip of the nose may make sens and arange the flatness of the texture a bit.

Anyway I like this cyberpunk looking render. Nicely done.

i love it man pretty hot

Very good overall feel, but yeah the head is wonky.

Cheers! Maybe due to the shading - physically, the head is the right size, shape and angle. The flat light might make it seem otherwise.

Yup, definitely something to do with shading. The face looks like a flat porcelain doll’s head. If you ever feel like touching it up to bring out some more contours and make the eyes and eyebrows not look like they’re painted on, I think that would really set the whole piece off nicely.