Hot Rod - Mercedes-Benz

Havent done any own car design in ages so now was time to do that!
Ended up doing a hot rod. Took around 4 evenings to finish.
Also lighting a car is quite new thing for me so all the feedback is welcome.

Tires/rubber is “borrowed” from another model.

360 to look around


Great job man!

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You’re #featured! :tada:


really cool this is inspiring


Cycles? or Eevee/

Your car looks fantastic! We’re actually in production on a cool animated movie and looking for a couple of custom 1920s cars. Let me know if you’re interested!

Cycles. The 360 video is eevee. Just a quick setup though

So great! Would you care to share some tips on lighting?

Superb! Interested in the post processing - looks very clean, like from a magazine or print ad. Something I wanted to learn, can you share some insights?

thanks. Not really that good tips. Eevee is great for first quick adjustments. Otherwise benchmark other pictures and try to focus what parts of the car or object is usually lit and how.

I used some presets from Camera Raw. I guess mostly wanted it to look a bit nostalgic so scaled the black values up a bit. Really depence what kind of look you want. Little bit of sharpness added and finally some noise on top of everything.

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That is some exceptional work. Very nice!

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