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here´s a render i did for a contest on the blend.polis forum, rendered in

Bye, Olaf.

very sexy glass~~
how about the render time?

Rendertime was about 9h , Resolution: 3500px x 3500px

The glass is excellent… but the pepper really drew my attention and seems not to fit in quite as well.

The glass and the syringe are fantastic, but there is something not quite right about the chilli pepper…dont get me wrong, it is good, but it doesnt seem to fit with the rest of the scene… Is it not maybe a bit too cartoony compared to the glass which looks a lot more photo realistic?

I really like the image though…great work…

Thank you for your critics Trolley, but I think I have nailed down the material of the pepper
well enough, look here:

Bear in mind that I´ve used another lighting setup (more of a darkroom photo studio
setup as you can see).

very, very nice image indeed. but you’re pepper just doesn’t feel right :wink:
more reflectiveness, were’s the green stuff? and is it floating? …

The glass, liquid and syringe are wonderful. The pepper, not so much… too “pickle-ey.” Your reference image for the pepper also shows the shape is a lot thinner/pointier than the one you modeled.

Also, it looks like the pepper is defying gravity. It doesn’t look as though it’s sitting in the glass in a natural/possible way.

Love the lighting. Love the materials. Not diggin’ the pickle… er, pepper. :slight_smile:

Dont get me wrong, I am not knocking your work, I think it is really fantastic…:slight_smile:

That image you posted does actually look quite similar, I can see your point…Maybe its just got to with the way it is lit…It seems more of a matte colour…the shadows dont fall like they do in the the refernece photo…

never the lss it is great stuff…:yes:

…nice indeed…pepper looks waxy to me…the reflection of the syringe is more transparent than it is…ray mirror/ transp. wackiness.??..