Hotkeys for component selection


I was looking for a way to assign hotkeys to individual components (face, edge, vertex) while in edit mode. I know you can CTRL+TAB to bring up the mini menu with those selections available, but I find that those extra steps; a 2-combo hotkey, then the menu, becomes tiring when done hundreds of times during a day. Having just a single key press for each component would be much more desirable.

I’ve searched the user prefs but don’t see a way to do assign it.

Perhaps this may seem like small potatoes, but little streamlining aspects do effect your daily workflow in large ways (IMO)

Thank you for your consideration!

Hey Ken,

I know you explicitly asked for hotkeys for subcomponents, but have you considered Pie Menus?
The way they’re implemented in Blender is very good. Very functional and fast. You invoke a Pie Menu with a hotkey, then you gesture towards a slice and release the hotkey. So in essence it’s still just one key press.

It just might not be your thing, but, just in case you haven’t tried them, pitiwazou has made 2 great Pie Menu addons that are stacked. They resonate with me completely and bring much needed speed and functionality to Blender, it’s worth giving it a shot.
Wazou Pie Menus
Wazou Right Click Pie

Here’s a bit of a demo:

Consider that all this is under just one hotkey, no extra clicks to trigger any of them, just press-gesture-release.
This is just one of the examples what he’s got cooking in the addon.

I know this is not what you were asking for, but since I see that you wan’t to speed up your workflow: you can box select by pressing B left click and drag to select and MMB with dragging to deselct, circle select by pressing C and changing it’s size my scrolling MMB, left clicking for selecting and MMB for deselecting, and for last, lasso select by pressing ctrl+LMB, and put shift in that combination to deselect.

Thank you for the responses! I did get Richard’s technique working, so that’s great.
I’ve been using the default pie menus–but didn’t realize there were others out there you can install—I will certain give those a try. You can work very quickly with them for sure, but they do rely on muscle memory. My brain still seems to respond to hot key memory–but it may just need some retraining. Also, if you work in multiple programs it helps to make the hotkeys similar.
Ognjen—I was aware of those selection hotkeys, thank you