Hotkeys for the new guys...


alt+lmb -> rotate
shift + MMb -> pan
scroll to zoom
ctrl + u -> save view // user defaults…

1->front view // ctrl + num(1) gives back/rear view
2-> rotate up
3-> left view // ctrl + num(3) gives right view
4-> left rotate
5-> perspective view
6-> right rotate
7-> top view // ctrl + num(7) gives bottom view
8-> rotate down

a -> select/deselect all
b -> drag select
RMB -> select
shift + RMB -> select multiple things/objects
x -> delete
space -> menu

R -> rotate
to rotate along one axis:
R+{x,y,z} //depending on which axis to rotate…
r+r for free rotation
shift+r -> rotate with precision
r+n -> give keyboard entry for angle… (+ for clockwise, - for counter clockwise)

For scaling, all keys are the same as rotate; instead of r enter s.
( example: s+x to scale along x axis)

G -> grab (to move)
RMB to select object, g to grab, move anywhere LMB to confirm…

shift + d -> duplicate object
RMB to select object, shift+d to duplicate, move it anywhere, LMB to confirm…

z -> toggle between wireframe to solid…

O -> Proportional editing…

shift + f -> camera fly view…

cancels the action…
in case of duplicate, esc places the duplicated object over the original…we can either move it later or
select and delete it…

deletes selected object…

Goes to edit mode…
E -> extrude in edit mode only!!!

these are all the ones i know. if there are anymore please add to the list!!

LMB -> left mouse button…
RMB -> Right mouse button
MMB -> Middle mouse button

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