Hotkeys on OSX

I’ve been searching around for a list of hotkeys when using blender on a mac. I suppose I am going blind or insane or … I really can’t imagine that such a list wouldn’t exist, But I haven’t been able to find anything.
An example: On my Ibook, there aren’t any NUM keys, so what to do If I e.g. want to activate another camera, or anything else involving the NUM keys?
Can somebody lead me to a list of mac hotkeys?
Sorry if this is a really dumb question.


Hi mbanz,

Open Blender and click the Help Button on the top menu. Scroll down to Hotkey and Mouse Action Ref. Also, click the 3d View Button in the left lower corner of a 3d window. Scroll up to Text Editor, then click the Up/Down Button, scroll up to KEYLIST intrr.

You can pull down the top header bar (or open a User Preferences window) and under “System and OpenGL” tab click “Emulate Numpad” which will allow you to use the layer buttons as Numbers. (Do this in an empty file, close it up and hit Ctrl-U to save it as default). You may have to use your FN key for layers or vise versa. I don’t have a Mac but I’ve seen it discussed and a search for Mac related topics will help you.