Houdini 15 feature trailer; Getting closer to a well-rounded 3D package.

Like usual, the highlights is the VFX scenes and how Houdini continues to pull away from the pack in that area. However, they are also beginning to make good strides in becoming a general all-purpose 3D tool as well with numerous modeling and animation improvements (so it would no longer be that 3D package you mainly use as a special effects platform).

In all, when Lukas starts work on the particle nodes and the like for 2.8x, Houdini can provide a good blueprint in how to design the system, all of their effect technologies are able to play well with each other which speaks volumes about how much they care about quality.

Bottom line, VFX good as usual, but with a nice degree of pacing towards becoming a more approachable package that doesn’t expect quite as much math and programming knowledge as in the past.


No worries, we can have the discussion here. Let´s not complicate things :slight_smile:

It really looks like they´re working hard to win the Softimage crowd over, and they´re doing a lot of stuff right.

Personally, as soon as I get my new computer I plan to get Houdini apprentice to give it a try. If it works out I would probably consider the Indie package - 199$ is really amazing considering you´re allowed to make up to $100.000 with it.

Check out the Fabric Engine tread as well as it hits on where former XSI users might be be interested in going.

Also just in case you are not aware, its $199 a year for Houdini Indie…sadly its a rental only option. Not bad compared to say something like Maya LT which is $30 a month… $30 x 12 months is $360 ($240 deals).

Also keep in mind that MayaLT is way to limited compared to Houdini Indie. MayaLT is mainly for game content creators, where Houdini Indie is not limited in such way.

Indeed, Houdini Indie has all the features of their full $4.495 FX package, although limited to Full HD renders max, and no 3rd party renderers.

Just to clarify FullHD is only for animations, static images do not have this limitation.

I loved Houdini from the very first time I used it all the way back in version 4. It was a daunting tool back then and it’s nice to see them slowly taking steps to move it into a more mainstream tool. They hired a lot of ex Softimage developers so I think we will see a lot of cool more user focused enhancements in the future.

Softimage XSI and Houdini are imo the best 3d software ever made, both coming at the same problem from different directions. One from a highly technical focused workflow and the other a more artists focused workflow. To see the two come together as one will be really something to see. I’m still sad about XSI but this latest iteration of Houdini makes me feel better.

impressive trailer. Nice to see autodek’s throne being constantly challenged by competitors. Lets hope they dont buy hoidini and then retire it like softimage