Houdini 18 Sneak Peek


Always impressive. I’d welcome the real-time rigid body function for easy object stacking in Blender.

VFX on top as usual. The mighty giant axe building crash is impressive…

I downloaded 17.5 two weeks ago and started the process of learning Houdini. Having another tool in the tool box, especially like this, seems like a must.

Workflow is so different, not in a bad way, just different than Blender, that it takes me a couple of minutes to diagnose the meta needed to create something every time I switch in between the two.

Super pumped seeing version 18!

Houdini and Blender would be a dream pair! If only we could get Alembic right, so all properties would transfer. Let’s see what USD will do for us.


houdini is a kind of tool that everybody should learn. It is designed to act like steroids for any workflow and other software. For almost any production taks there could be made a procedural setup in houdini that will save several days of your life.
In my case houdini and blender are pefect match - houdini for heavy production and procedural stuff. And Blender for fast and artistic workflow (modeling sculpting, etc)


Same, that and the gizmos for placing shadows or light reflections are some of the features I would like the most on blender and I think they could be easy to implement as well.


I know I’ve seen script approach to placing highlights.

Just looked for it, and is there! This is one of those things you only want when you see the other kid getting it lol [ADDON] Lumiere - Interactive lighting

Edit: I also found a way to place shadows, you place the 3D cursor on the part of the object you want it’s shadow to be moved, then you orientate the light (something you can do now with 2.8 lights’ gizmos and rotate the light around that point. It certnaly could require less tweak, I think this is a bigger reason to have it built on vainilla blender with a sexy gizmo…

Hi, the next version of Lumiere will have a shadow helper : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jWLDUdh-7C0


To me, in these times, reflect has almost no purpose. I just isolate object and light and position it interactively. Back in the day (in other software I used), reflect had more of a purpose since rendering was not interactive and came at a huge time cost.