houdini apprentice edition

(thatbrikwal) #1

not sure if this has been metnioned, but worth mentioning twice if it has: the houdini apprentice edition (free, with a small watermark, nothing like maya ple) is availbale for download here: http://www.techimage.co.uk/tc/products/houdini.html

(Timonides) #2

Thanks for the info!!! :smiley:

I am downloading it right now. I’ll try it and let you know what I think later…

Thanks again…


(sten) #3

I have tried it , but I dont know how to make models or import them :-?

any tips ?

(SatoriGFX) #4

Yes, watch the videos and read the pdf tutorials. And visit the forum in the “Community” section of the sidefx.com site.


(Dittohead) #5

kinda confusing, like blender when you first look at it.