Houdini19 Announcement

Someone will get in trouble

Dear x,

Today’s beta email was erroneously sent to all Houdini customers. It was meant to be an early access letter for Annual Upgrade Customers who will be getting a chance to work with Houdini 19 before it goes Gold.

For Indie, Education and non-AUP customers there will be a longer wait as we put the finishing touches on this exciting release. There will be a presentation to introduce you to all of the new features and then you will receive your new licenses once the product is released in late October.

We apologize for the accidental email. At least you now have some idea of what is coming in the new release and we look forward to getting it into your hands.

Your SideFX Houdini Team


Dear x,

Thanks to your hard work beta testing Houdini 19, we are entering the final stages of the release process. Up until now, you have been able to run the beta using your 18.5 license. Starting today, future beta releases will require a 19 upgrade which can be accessed via the Houdini License Administrator (hkey). These licenses will allow you to continue working with 18.5 builds in production while you transition over to 19.

The Gold release of Houdini 19 will be available to the public in mid-October and will include more detailed documentation, tutorials to assist with learning, and finishing touches to the software. Whether you are a feature film VFX artist, a game developer or a commercial studio, Houdini 19 brings you new and enhanced tools to meet your most demanding production requirements.

During the beta testing period (from now to mid-October), please do not post anything about Houdini 19 on any public forums (including sidefx.com). Please continue to post Houdini 19 feedback on the beta forum. Everyone else should send any issues through the normal technical support channels. Thank you for your cooperation.

Thank you for using Houdini and being a valuable beta tester!

Your SideFX Houdini Team


Houdini 19 contains many new features and improvements to KineFX, Muscles & Tissue, Crowds, Solaris, Karma, Modeling and Goemetry, Viewport, Terrain, Pyro and FLIP Fluids, Vellum, RBD Destruction, FEM, Grooming, and PDG.

There are many more new features in the new release – please log in to see the full list.

I suppose I can post this here as they send everyone the email + I’m not even In their testing program this leak is not coming from me anyway

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Ye, I got it too. Luckily for them, the full feature list page link did not work :smiley:

Yeah perhaps it leaked somewhere else :thinking:
They f up good tho

I don’t think this is a big fuckup honestly. I mean most of us kinda saw it coming that the new version will be called Houdini 19, and the improvement list mentions generic “new features and improvements” for a large portion of the Houdini core feature set, so it doesn’t say almost anything :slight_smile:


Kinefx and finally updated muscles is a big one for me. Basically everything they mentioned besides Solaris and crowds will be a big thing for my workflow.

Seems to have been made in a hurry even with errors: “Goemetry”

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I tend to avoid using commercial software if the free stuff is up to snuff for my work (see Blender, ect…), but when was the last time Side Effects released without a video packed with exciting new possibilities?

As far as commercial creative apps. go, they seem to be one of the few companies to consistently avoid producing light or otherwise unexciting releases, and one of the few that are actually able to show the immense power of closed-source solutions (compared to FOSS) when R&D is done right (which the rarity of, for better or for worse, is likely why we enjoyed pushes like the 2.8 overhauls and Cycles X).


Trailer is up


Some great features, editable groom, fast intuitive assets placement tools, bake effects animations for Unreal and many other things.

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