House design project

Hello! This is my first publication. I am an interior designer and I have been working with blender for 1,5 years. These are visualisations from my house project. The visualisations are made in blender 2.8+cycles of approximately 3000 samples on a dual xeon x5675 (render time of approximately 3 hours).
Some of the models are made by me, but most of them are from different sources and some are from blender swap site (tulip flowers and fingerprint scanner as an alarm pannel) thanks to the authors (nad451, Lynxette79). And for the fireplace I used Simon Thommes fire shader.
In my visualisations I never use HDRI. Instead I take panoramic shots during object measurements. And of course for the final product some part of these photos need to be beautiful. Everything that I need I draw in Krita.
The house plan is done in Microsoft Visio.