House Elf

My house elf (that still needs a name) that is all rigged up except the face but I’ll get that done soon. I’m hoping to put him in a animation that i’m working on a demo scene for. Critiques always welcome!

so Where’s Potter?

Haha who even knows anymore

here’s an example of his rig:

Bump Please comment and critique!

p.s. i think i’m gonna give him feet instead of shoes cause as a house elf still in service he would not have clothing but i may bring them back in the animation for something

Hey, wary nice:)
Only critique:The arms and legs look a little “monotone”,maybe a normal map and better texture would fix that.
Keep up the good work;)

Will do! i’ve been thinking about redoing the sculpting or getting a higher-res normal map cause it is not very evident that there is one right now, it also may be the lighting but your comment is taken into account :slight_smile:

With some help from blendercookie, i’ve added my elf to a pretty nice scene!

That looks Epic :slight_smile: