House in the Woods

A house in the woods. A render I made to relax from a stressful game developing process.:spin:

It look good, I think the black bricks are too darks, I donĀ“t like the sun lights and the depht of field efect is weird. The leafs can have some traslucenci too but itis ok

Thanks for the feedback, I will try to implement all your suggestions in my next work. :yes:

SO MANY LEAVES ! :smiley: I wanna jump in them

Very nice. I like it a lot. It has a nice overall color and glow about it which I like. The God rays need toned down a little i think so the ffect ( which is good) is a little less in your face.
Update - looking at the God rays again you can see that the set on the left cross over the roof. This is incorrect. They wodul be behind the roof The rays need to be adjusted so that they dont spill across the roof like that ( and tone them down)

Thank for the feedbacks, suggestions and critics! I am really glad you guys liked it.