house interior

Hello Blender artists,

this is my attempt to vizualize my house interior. I am still quite fighting with the lightning (and not only with it) as you can see. :wink: I use area lights to simulate light entering the rooms through windows and some hemis to simulate wall/floor reflections. But still the walls containing windows are quite dark, also the ceiling is bright too much.

Any suggestions?



That ain’t a bad effort. Looks allright.
I got no advice though, cause im still trying to work out how to get light to pass through ‘windows’ BI.

Use low power, high spread spots to light up the walls, turn down the hemis that are lighting up the ceiling too much. Use negative lamps under tables to increase the shadows. Simulating lighting effects is a bear. I think it drives people to Indigo, Kerkythea or Yafray.


thank you for your reactions.

You are right Orinoco, I have already tried the Yafray but unfortunately the rendering times on my hardware were too long for my experiments and learning. So I am back with Blender internal renderer.

Concerning the spots for walls lighting: where do you recommend to position them? Behind the camera with the same direction as camera? Or at the opposite wall pointing directly to the wall?


I’d point them directly at the walls, to get more control regardless of the camera angle. And, depending on how much light slopped over onto other things, I might set them up so they exclusively lit up the wall and window frame and not anything else in the room.