House model for babylonJS

Hello everyone! Thanks for such interesting project like Blender!

I am not a 3D artist, but I want to learn basics of the Blender for the following project.

I want to make 3D building drawing (inside Blender) and load a result to the BabylonJS env. But I want to make parts of the house, like windows or rooms interactive, which means that I want to click on them and open a detailed description.
For example, Im clicking on the window and can see which kind of IoT sensors are attached, and their data.

Can someone share links or explain how to make a separate 3D models in Blender, but the should be a part of the whole house, means, no spaces between them, looks fancy.
For now, I have only anway how to load a whole house, but it doesnt match because I couldn’t attach controls.

Thanks a lot!