House of July

First attmpt of storevisualization on eevee.
July is called FUMITSUKI in Japanese.
It is an auspicious origin of “the ear of rice swells as the harvest approaches”.
I’ll upload more exterior scenes in day time version of the [House of July].

0729_Uploaded “1F interior scene in day time version”.

This artwork is finish!



We have not seen a lot of Japanese artists on BA yet, so their take on genre’s like arch-vis is rarely seen.

The highlight of this piece is definitely the trees, very detailed and well modeled.

I find it quite a bit overexposed.

I’ve looked through your stuff on your web, and it’s nice work, but in my opinion offline/non-realtime renderer like luxcore or cycles would do better job.

So why eevee? Do you use it for some realtime presentations or animation maybe?

I guess, because cycles will render it for ages…

Thanks your message and reply for from her.
What you said is correct.
Moreover, It is because trial and error itself of design becomes fun if time is not spared for preview!

I think this is lovely. :slight_smile:

Thank you for watching and message.

Lovely work… makes me want to walk up to the door and knock on it with my shoes in hand to see the mystery of what is inside. Hope you work more and show that too.

thanks… great work.

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Thank you for watching.
I’ll upload more exterior scenes and interior scenes in day time version of the [House of July].

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend :slight_smile:

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I agree with lacilaci86, the lighting is way too bright. It’s washing out all the details.

Thank you very much for your election!

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thanks for the advice.

I will try to keep up catching your new work. You are inspiring. An odd mix maybe, but I really like Japanese and India cultures. For a guy from USA. I try to read more these days.

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Thank you for watching.
I’ll upload more exterior scenes and interior scenes in day time version of the [House of July].

thanks, look forward to seeing more.

best always

Eevee looks promising for architectural rendering. Moreover its free and open source. I would like to learn the workflow for exterior lighting in Eevee. I would like to teach this to my students so they can avoid pirated softwares and start rendering with Blender.

Thanks your message!
I try not to use support lights other than the actual lighting.
Although it is a summary, I will explain in the following image.

☆(In image of Refrection cubemap)=Take care to clipping distance.

I hope that this reference can contribute to the improvement of your students’ skills.

This is awesome. Thank you for your helpful guide. I will try this in my next exterior rendering!

Hi. long time no see.
I released the lit-up version on May 18, 2020, but I didn’t announce it here.
It’s late, but if you’re interested, check out the other images from this post.