House of the Master

Hello everyone here is my latest personal piece, House of the Master.

The fantastic lizard character is a design from Alex Braun and a 3D base model from fongoose on Sketchfab. I made small changes to the model to have it fit my scene.

From left to right: Original concept art by Alex Braun | 3D model by fongoose | Adaptation of the 3D model

Created in Blender and rendered with Cycles, vegetation with Graswald.
Fog simulated in Embergen and imported in Blender. Substance painter for some textures.

Thank you to the Sketchfab artists that shared their 3D models: blenderboom, Digital Atlas of Ancient Life, carnlt | Licenses: CC Attribution-NonCommercial, CC Attribution.

I contribute video tutorials to the Blender Daily YouTube channel.

Comments & critics welcome!