House Viz

Hi guys what do u think about lighting and materials? And what about scene at all?

and another light

I particually like the first few renders… the light and materials look great to me. My only feedback would be:

  1. The kitchen scene looks sparce in comparison to the main room; both in terms of colour and objects. The sheet music on the piano makes me think that this house is lived in and therefor I would expect to see something on the counters (a coffee maker, a vase, a bowl of fruit, etc.). Maybe use the green velvet colour from the main room on the chairs?

  2. The curve at the bottom of the blinds looks odd to me… all I can think about is how it wouldn’t close completely!

Thanks for reply! About the kitchen, this is not the final rendering, and I just don’t have time to add detail to the kitchen. about curtains Roman curtains exist and more pointed.

Here designer sketches

Awesome. But have u ever tried Filmic Blender?

Thanks! This Pics was Mixed Default with Filmic, because filmic give poor reflections on marble

This Blue-Green color is very nice. I know that kitchen part isn’t finished yet, but at this point, it looks like you got tired. Maybe make an extra coffee for yourself and one for the kitchen countertop?

Thanks for feedback! Coffee is never enough =) Soon I will finish this work