House Walkthrough

Been a while since I have posted anything…I have been working on this for many many many months now…when I have the extra time to tinker with it, that is.

But here goes.
I want to achieve a photo-realistic house including the entire interior for a sorta say walk-through.

Thus far I have finished the basic exterior scene, Walls, windows, doors, deck…

Minor Interior objects…LCD TV, DVD Player, Theater Setup, TV Stand, sofa…

I am very untalented when it comes down to using PS, gimp, or any other image editing program…so I have to rely on using materials instead of UV mapping…

I have, however, attempted to UV map a few things to make them look more realistic…Speakers, Entertainment Stand…couch…

I need to change the lighting to an interior setup for the furnture and the rest…Just test renders to see how the materials were looking…


Here is the couch so far and the exterior of the house


Here I have been working on the interior lighting…This pic does not yet include…any interior lights, or GI/AO. All of this lighting is from outside.


Looking very decent at the moment.
I only have a tip concerning the couch:
The right arm rest have a sudden shadow.
The shadow doesn’t flow further on to the couch.
Try fixing it with by adding in a non-heavy spotlamp.

i see what you are talking about…The following are two pics that I did prior to thus being pointed out to me. One with AO (Slight Blue Tint), the other was after I changed the Entertainment center…And the couch as the scale was way off…I still need to fix that shadow…Will post an update, hopefully, by the weekend!