How 2 make invisible text visible?

I have a text label which I made invisible by checking the “invisible” button for the font, and I’d like to make it visible when mouse rollover the item it’s describing. How to make it now visible? I have the rest of the mouseover functioning to draw a line to the text when an object is rolled over, it’s just making the text visible I can’t figure out how to do.

(Later I’ll ask about making an “associative list”(?) so that proper label for each object rolled over will show.)

Use Alpha Channel in Matarial IPO Curve 1= Visible, .5=Partial visible, 0= Invisible

simply use the visibility actuator :wink:

@ Patricia3d, thanks, but I’m not sure what that means.

@ Monster, I’m doing this in a script, because the mouse may rollover any object, which the script picks up, & I think (or thought) I have that part working, so I’m not sure how to use an actuator in concert with the script.


import Rasterizer as r
import GameLogic as g
objects = g.getCurrentScene().objects
# trying to get whatever is rolled over, to make line to label:
# get controller
c = g.getCurrentController()
# get object which is attached to the controller
o = c.owner
# Get the sensor by the name "MouseOver" which is attached to the controller
mOver = c.sensors["MouseOver"]
# get the hit object
new = mOver.hitObject
#contRolloverObject = g.getCurrentController()
#own = contRolloverObject.getOwner
print "before rollover object"
print new
print "after  object"
#pointA = own.position
pointA = new.position    #objects[own].position
pointB = objects["OBFont"].position
color = (0,1,0)
#objects["OBFont"].setvisible(1) # not right way to set it visible
r.drawLine(pointA, pointB, color)



Test_HG1x4_TwoMonkeys2with1StaticLineToLabelOnMouseOverFromAnyObject.blend (705 KB)

Oh I didn’t read your post complete, It was for game ( I am answreing for Animation ) In Animation You can create IPO curve for the Visibility channel. Sorry for confusion

Thank you Nezgar, that was my own thread, but I hadn’t tried to implement the text vis/invis yet, just the change color of the object, now I’ll look more closely;
looks like: make font child of object, then:
child = new.children
if str(child) != “[]”:
child[0].visible = True

I’ll try that.

but that won’t work because I now see that I deliberatly did NOT have the font be a child of the object, so that I could make the font STAY IN ONE PLACE, and NOT MOVE/ROTATE with the rotation of the objects. But maybe I can use some of the idea, I’ll see…

Whoops, i’m sorry. I didn’t noticed that was your own thread :o. I was just searching over many threads to find those .blend files again, because i thaught they can gave you some clues.

No problem, I hadn’t tried to implement the text vis/invis at that time, but your reference to it either did give me a clue, or at least led me to persevere, and I now have a partial solution! I wrote another separate script for vis/invis the text, since I couldn’t find a way to use the existing sensor for vis/invis while it was set up already for drawing a line to the text.

But, it only does vis/invis for one font/text, for two different objects, so now I’ll try first to make it do a couple of fonts for two objects, via dict I think, and see if I can make a bunch of associations on import to do many more.

So thanks!