How about a new desktop?

It’s time to get to work, you head down the hallway. There is a beautifull picutre of you better half hanging on the wall. You stop for a moment to look at it, you miss her so much. No time for daydreaming though, the huge grandfather clock at the end of the hallway has just signalled 6pm and you have a spreadsheet to finish for work. You head to your office and sit down at the work desk.

It’s a beautiffull desk, handcrafted with all the gadgets you need to be comfortable. A calculator on the corner, some stationary for writing to your loved ones, A calender to plan out your busy life and yet another clock, just above to desk to keep track of time.
Time to get to work, you open the drawer labeled spreadsheets and…

Your os loads your prefered spreadsheet program for you.

Yeah I know, it’s been done before and 3DNA has a beautifull package you can buy that do just that for about $30. But do you guys think the BGE can handle all that?

All you basically need is a 3d environment - BGE
A few or a lot of models - your choice
A couple of python scripts to tell the os what to load when you click on certain models (You can have a games room for instance with a chessboard on a table in a dusty corner…click on the chessboard or the chair in front of it, you sit down and your os loads the chessgame you installed)
A way to load the BGE in full screen mode when the pc starts

So what do you guys think?

interesting idea… but surely by the time you’ve programmed it all and set everything up… including all of the models, $30 or even $300 doesn’t sound like that bad of an idea