How advanced of a game can blender create?

I’m not a gamer, so giving me examples of games will probably leave me confused, but I am wondering how complex of a game blender can create?

Could it create something like Quake III? Can you access the internet through it? Is the programming language simply python or can you implement another language of choice or create plugins in C, Java, or other? And by using a 3rd party language I don’t mean writing a game engine in C and importing the models, I am wondering about Blender’s game engine itself.

I know it isn’t as fast as a game engine found in new fast action games, but I am wondering how fast it is. Could it make a game similar to the 3D Mario for the N64 or something similar?

I’m actually not interested in making a game but just wondering.

The big thing about blender game engine is that you need to keep the polygon number low. You can make things as detailed as you want, and on terrain, you might want to make a Level of Detail System, where a tree that is modeled turns to a picture on a square facing you when you get a certain ways away. Blender is great for animation, and I’m sure there are some other language plugins floating around somewhere. Blender is really good because you don’t need to know a programming language to do it, although, it really helps. Blenders interactive Logic Brick system is Ideal for making personality from adding a cube to a scene, to creating and programming bot intelligence. Hopefully that helps, and if your looking for a project or just more help, just ask. I got a project that needs some programmers, animators, etc.

Hope it helps.
~Red Hand

Could it make a game similar to the 3D Mario for the N64 or something similar?

I think it could.

Define “complex.” It seems to be able to handle a good deal of geometry, but my experience has been that it really starts to crawl when there’s a lot of logic in place.

Check out my Zark game if you like…it’s quite complex by BGE standards.

I joke that the BGE is like an N64 on steroids.

Yea, I think that looking at N64 games is a realistic measure for what can be done with the BGE.

NOTE: I didn’t say it’s a measure for what is “possible”, that’s a different story -> especially if you know GLSL.

PS: This thread was posted in the wrong forum, I think. This should go in “Support and Discussion”.

The N64 didn’t have GLSL shading, so the GE can do at least something that the N64 can’t.