How Am I To Rig This?

Okay, so I came across a download link to HALO Spartan models. And I was wondering if anyone can help me with rigging it.

Any tips?

PS: I will not include the the link to the models mainly because i forgot it, all i know is that I got it from

I think that this is one of the better tutorials on youtube, it help me out a lot:




Cool vids AgusAnim-3D :yes:

However, there are some major issues with them I feel I should point out…

There are many more tutorials in my signature you can check out. I have watched them all myself to make sure they are not misleading in any way. Unfortunately I don’t think I will be adding this tutorial since I see too much potential to mislead newcomers. Which is unfortunate, as I think he otherwise did a very good job with it.

I really don’t like criticizing other people’s work, but when you make a tutorial it is crucial that you understand what you’re doing. By making it you are saying that you know the subject well enough to teach it to others. I have been studying rigging in Blender for a few months now, and I still don’t feel ready to teach others!

lol i just did that 2 days ago. i just made simple armatures and pressed ctrl-p >> create from bone heat. then i adjusted the distance of each bone. i wasn’t able to rig the fingers but thats all i needed.

ps. u can use google sketchup to download models, and then u can import them into blender. u can find anything there. pm me if you want to learn how to import them to blender. thats where i got my mc, and it was already textured