How blender create underwater and jellyfish transparent texture?

Is there any tutorial teaching how to create

underwater and jellyfish transparent texture?

just make your mat transparent

but if you had a pic showing what you have in mind it might help to guide you !

happy 2.5

Dear Sir

For underwater, it looks like

How can make the light reflection and wave animation on top?

For Jellyfish, it looks like

Pls take a look of the video.

A clear outline with transparent texture.

well there is a sort of contracdiction here

first pic is during daylight with some caustic underwater reflections

second pic is at great depth or night - very dim light
where you seea translucent may be phosphorescent jelly fish!

so which one you prefer cause doing the 2 is impossible
a night scene or a day scene with lost of caustic

now for easy caustic you could use YAFARAY it would be a lot easier to get the effect
otherwise you ahve to fake it in blender i think
i know a way to do this fake effect

which one are you using 2.5 or 2.49

happy 2.5

For the jellyfish, I would suggest a Transparent material with the fresnel set all the way to max at 5.0. Up the IOR to at least 1.25. This can get you some of that glowing edge look typical of translucent objects.

Dear Sir,

You are right. The jellyfish background is in darknight.

Pls just ignore the first question.

I would like to know how should model and make the Fluorescence jellyfish.

And, how to animate it like the video.

Is there any plugin like YAFARAY to handle it or just use YAFARAY which can do it?

Thanks for advice.

please don’t be so formal - don’t use sir
i feel like i’m a mideval knight in England!LOL
are you from England ?:slight_smile:

well you can use YAFARAY if you need to do very nice render
it’s more powerfull then internal blender render

but i was refering to the caustic light yafaray can do this easily!
as with blender its’ more like a fake thing to simulate it !
but that would be for a day light underwater scene !

but for a night scene
i can see 2 ways here to make a brighter jelly fish

1- add some halo to the material

2 - you could also use some composite nodes to blur it

why don’t you begin to model it first then we can talk about the special effects after

now i would suggest that you open a new thread in WIP forum to
work on your scene cause it’s a WIP in reality!

and are you going to do it in 2.49 or 2.5 ?

happy 2.5 :smiley:

You can check out my animated jellyfish, if you like?