How can I achieve this animation/transition?

I’m making an intro animation and I’m not sure if Blender is capable of doing this or if I should do this in a video editor, but I want to ask anyways.

Here’s the result I want:

Basically, I want to make a simple slide in animation for the letter N, but I want to make an effect like if it was busting through a door. The N letter should come out from the diagonal orange line to the right. The letter shouldn’t be visible behind the orange line (I drew the red lines of what part of the letter should be invisible during the animation). It’s tough to explain, but I wouldn’t mind if I get the name of the effect or something like that.

You want the N to get occluded by triangle described by the V? Make a mesh describing the occlusion, give it a holdout shader, parent it to the V:

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thank you, there are visible shadow from my occlusion plane but I think I’ll fix it

Eevee: Look at material settings. Change shadow mode to “none”.

Cycles: Mix shader with transparency BSDF on the basis of light path/is shadow ray, or disable shadow ray visibility for the object in properties/object/visibility/ray visibility.