How can I achieve this partial transparency (Blender 2.9) with shaders?

Hi guys, I was wondering if you could help me achieve a vision. I am modeling a personal project and I wish to make the botton edges of my water object to fade like the concept I did… I think the image can show it better (I’ve photoshopped it). I’ve managed to animate the surface of the water by keyframing a displacer modifier.

How can I achieve this visual? My node shader knowledge is pretty basic (actually I am a noob at this). I appreciate your time and effort!

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BTW this is my water material node setup (pretty basic)

Is it for Eevee or Cycles? Is it supposed to be animated? Is your background uniform?

I’m using Eevee! The fade is not supposed to animate (just the waves on the top, but that I’ve figured out) and I want it to have a transparent background as well

maybe a gradient in the alpha channel

That’s what I thought… but how do I do it? Sorry, I’m new to blender :sweat_smile: I’m figuring things out as I go

I would do it like this:

“From Min” and “From Max” are the start and end heights of the gradient. With the Color Ramp you have additional control over the gradient.

And don’t forget to set the Blend Type in the material settings to “Alpha Hashed” or “Alpha Blend” if you are using EEVEE.

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You can use the Holdout node, it allows you to create alpha transparency:

Enable the Film > Transparent option:

Create a cylinder all around your scene:


Give your cylinder this kind of node setup in order to give transparency to the bottom of your scene:

Here is the result:



Maybe like this?

you may need change the data of map range, due to differet size of object

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Or another way like this…

and Alpha-Blend with Backface culling checked.


Hi guys! wow! thank you so much for the feedback! I will try them all tomorrow! Thanks a lot! :star_struck: :star_struck: :star_struck:

I’ll get back to you soon!

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Hi guys! it worked!! :heart_eyes: Thank you so much! I did every suggestion and ended up mixing a bit of each other to achieve the results I was looking for, it ended up like this, but I will tweak it a bit more:

Thank you all so much! I will finish this soon and share it over my instagram @ fblancoart