How can I add bevel in Geometry node


I’m looking for a way to Bevel all my mesh Vertex in my geometry node setup. I know that I can add a Bevel Modifier before my GeoNode Modifier, but I’d like to be able to make that transformation in the middle of my setup. I was hoping for a “Bevel” node in the mesh section but I’m at a loss. I would also like to have control over the number of segments, and the amount of bevel it creates.

If anyone got an idea, I’ll gladly take it!.


This can help:
its not the best way, but this is what I found

but it’s very outdated

This is not what they asked for, the wanted a way to actually bevel the mesh inside the node tree, not only control how much the bevel is affecting the geometry. And yes, it is outdated, as the new system uses fields and not attributes.

You might need to split your geonodes setup into multiple modifiers and pass attributes.

Yeah, this I what I resorted to, I use a bevel mod after my geonode. Inside geonode I add points to a vertex group output, THEN use that group in my bevel modifier. Not the most straightforward workflow, but it work in this case.

Bevel in geometry nodes is planned, but may takes some time as it will probably be simplified or broken down in several nodes :

I won’t hold my breath because this can takes some times, but as it’s quite a must for modelling I’m sure it will eventually be implemented !

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Depending on your meshes, you can use the boolean approach for bevelling. basically create the objects that can be used to shape bevels on the objects and use the boolean node in the geo node setup.

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Hello, patnard, I’d like a clarification of your solution if you would like to help me out, please.

What exactly do you mean with this?
So clearly your object needs to have a Vertex group, and obviously you first need to create it in the Object Data Properties Panel. Do you assign all vertices to it or none and leave it “empty”?
Then how exactly do you add points to that vertex group inside geonode tree?
It’s not clear from your screenshot. What type of data comes out of that red Math node you renamed Coins Ronds - a boolean?

Doesn’t seem to me like you can manipulate vertex groups within a geometry node at all, and there is no “vertex group output”.

You can, you need to Input and Output vertex group in the geo modifier

Given a cube instanced 9 times by a grid in a geometry node. How do you add instanced cubes randomly to a vertex group? to then bevel the cubes objects belonging to the vertex group? that’s what we are talking about. Geonodes V1 had attribute masks, there is no such thing since geonodes fields.

in your exemple all the points are already inside the Group vertex group.

Trick is to join original geometry that has Vertex group and delete it with a mask


thanks, assigning geometry node instances to a vertex groups definitely works, though it’s very bizarre, or I still don’t get fields somehow…

We really need like a Geonodes FAQ or something because I can’t see random artists figuring that out on their own.

Hopefully, devs will make some higher level nodes, so this becomes easier.

I was about 10 seconds too late posting what @higgsas posted you!

Some solutions with low level nodes can really take some abstract thinking at the moment.