How can I add nice translucent windows


I am working on my second blender project, I’ve tried many different ways to try and get translucent windows for my dojo. I have the sun on the left of the scene and I am allowing the light to come through by using a transparent / diffuse shader setup which has a light path node so that it doesn’t get affected by the material.

The light comes through ok but I want these windows and also the other windows to have a nice white translucent effect, so that the light comes through the left mainly, but the other windows still look like light is coming through.

How can I achieve this?

Why are you using the Diffuse shader instead of the Translucent one? And why use Transparent at all if the windows aren’t supposed to be transparent?

No need to spend time to render transluency or transparency. Restrict rendering for windows (glass, not frames) objects, then windows material or object pass and transparency (eg. colors + all nice stuff) with image editor.


This is the shader setup I have now for the left windows, I had seen a tutorial that says you can have the light come right through unimpeded by using a transparent shader and a light path node.

As for the other windows, they are now just a translucent shader with the world background at a low light, this way they still light up a little bit which is what I want.


Do you mean to add the light afterwards using the compositor? I read about this using render passes, could you give me some idea how I would do this?

Latest render:

Set passes [x]object index and set glass object pass index 1.
Set glass object(s) different layer than your interior.
Set lights layer relations to every layers you need except glass layer, so lights cant see your glasses (faces).
After render you have 2 images, combined one is final render and IndexOB is your glasses.
You can do post processing in node editor or external image editor.
If you use image editor, use that IndexOB image to make selection of your glasses.

Here is little example with Paint.Net: