How can I align tilt bezier curve on mesh?

What should be your advise to align automaticaly the tilt of my bezier curve on a mesh ?
I cant do it ;(
As you see, the text in green is ok, but not the red one…

there was a topic there :
but without solution

this blend file :

Try the Shrinkwrap Mod and project option?

So simple with the solution :wink: Thanx it is exactly what i needed.
It is ok with the project ‘Nearest surfacePoint’ mode, but didn’t match with the project ‘project’ mode. Could you explain me why ?

Ouch, the extrude isn’t tangent to the spline ;(
Any idea to do this ?

Maybe try extrude on normals.

I do not know how to align curve twist in accordance to some surface normals. I’d convert text to mesh Alt-C and use Simple deform Bend.
Converted Text has terrible mesh geometry so you either cope with or make your own where it does look too awful.

You could use Remesh before Bend which would improve result (and add rather excessive amount of faces).

thanx for your help. I tried to convert the text to mesh and use shrinkwrap modifier. I dont understand why the letters are flat…

the file

need to use 2 levels with 2 shrinkwraps modifier
and 2 offsets

happy bl

Like RickyBlender says. One Shrinkwrap crushes it all. Make use of vertex groups and offset them differently.

Nice, it sounds to have a solution :wink: But I cant get it ;(
I understood that a shrinkwrap modifier is only for a mesh with 2 dimensions… goooooood…
I tried and tried and tried 2 levels with 2 shrinkwrap, but my order modifier must be wrong.

I have some question :slight_smile:

  • is it necessary to convert the text in mesh ?
  • shall i use ‘solidify’ modifier to offset a mesh ? is it the only way ?
  • i m not familiar with vertex group. How can i use it in my case ?

I appreciated than you could pasteall or join a screen capture of the right modifiers

thank you very much for your help !

To the questions:

  • strictly speaking - no, it’s not necessary (if you can align the tilt manually)
  • no, you can use Text Geometry Extrude and other parameters before convert.
  • in Edit mode - select some vertices (edge loop e.g., some face) go to Object Data (triangle icon next to Modifiers) click on Plus sign at Vertex groups, click Assign button.
    Next, in Srinkwrap there is an option to use vertex group and offset for it, choose created Group from dropdown, adjust height above surface for Group. (Double click on ObjData “Group” to change its name into something meaningful)

Blend to play with

Thx à lot for your full and clear reply. I have no access yo my PC but to à small tablet whitout mouse ;(
Not easy open your file ( i burn to do it). I’ll tell you soon.

Align the tilt isn’t easy. There are 2 different things: Point locations and tilt (rotation).
You have 3 tipes of align, z-up, minimum and tangent.
The problem: the tilt is a rotation value, not a vector.

We haven’t a solution for now