How can I... Animate a paint brush painting???

Hey I want to animate a paint brush painting. Should I use an animated texture, or particles, metaballs, somethingelse, etc.? Any ideas?

Where can I find some more info on techniques used to do this?

Micah Fitch

your link in the sig is broken…

Yea I know its hosted on my home computer, which is busy compiling Gnome right now…

Do you have any ideas though?

yeah make another slighty ofset pantbrush image and repate the step till you have the deisred number of frames

I’m saying how do I animate the painting underneath the brush?

probably the best way would be to use a program like winmorph.

I think your best bet is to use an animated mask, which you map to the alpha channel of your canvas material to reveal your strokes.

I would click out a curve that can both be used for the path animation of the brush and for attaching a particle emitter to create a mask, so the two sync right.

If you need more help I can post a .blend with the basic setup :slight_smile:

Good luck.


for simple brushstrokes i found a very effective way:

  • create a small particle emitter
  • leave Norm and Rand to zero
  • increase the particle count
  • animate the emitter to follow the desired brushstroke (either via keyframes or using a path)
  • set particle life to a value that exceeds the length of your animation
  • play with the material settings to get the right look

Hey I have a BIG problem with this great method…

Look at the clipping on the fur!

Any suggestions?

METABALLS! [!] [!]

Perhaps the following (not mine :)) tutorial will help – it is not about painting, but the method may be simillar…


Here are some images of the furry dude painting sad things with metaballs…

Well this is just turning in to a WIP isn’t it! :smiley: It’s due tomorrow… all 3 minutes of unrendered half animated animation :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :-?

This one isn’t resized and it took almost 30 minutes to render!!!

Hi - I can see you have worked really hard on that, so I really feel bad having to say this:
It doesn’t look like paint, it looks like your little character has had a really bad accident on the way to the toilet…

I was wondering if one can animate a dupliframe in some way? Then a shape could move along a path, leaving copies behind - that might give a smoother look.

I dunno, just thought I should warn you!

I like it alot.

Very funny. :smiley: