How can I bend a plane

I have a simple plane subdivided. I would like to bend it and also make adjustments as necessary. Like a magic carpet. How can I change the object and make different poses with it.

You could use the simple deform modifier set to bend.
See the attached example blend file. Change the Deform factor to change the amount of bending. The empty is used to control where the bend starts


bend.blend (180 KB)

Another example using proportional editing tool. Proportional editing tool is used to move/rotate/scale selected parts of a mesh in a way that also unselected parts follow. Falloff setting is the way or form they follow inside the influence area and that area can be changed with scroll wheel while moving.


Here I have deleted half of the plane and added mirror modifier to get symmetry along X axis. I also have subdivision surface modifier there.

  • Pivot point (origin of scale/rotation/move) is set to 3D cursor which is at center, proportional tool is enabled and its falloff is set to sharp. Hotkeys: pivot to 3D cursor: . (period), proportional tool toggle enabled: o, proportional falloff cycle: shift+o.
  • Rotating along Y axis (R, Y)
  • Scaling along X axis (S, X)

In edit mode select some vertices, Ctrl-H Hook to new object. In object mode animate or pull Empties which will be created.

Or just create a plane subdivided lots, then use a curve modifier. Adjust the curve to deform the plane