How can I change the texture?

I’m following a tutorial to make a chair and textured it and uvwrapped it reasonably but now I want to change the texture. I successfully load in a new texture into the uv image editor. I check I am in edit mode and textured mode. I can see the old texture still on the chair. I can see my old unwrap marks on the new texture in the uv image editor. Now I press U and select unwrap but nothing happens. How do I get the new texture to replace the old on the chair?

Adding to the above I think it might be to do with assigning the new texture to a material (though I changed the old texture so I’d have thought it would have gone on that original material.)

So I press the material button and create a new material but can’t see how to assign a texture to it now. The texture panel shows my new image…

On the material section I decide to try to delete the old material but how? I see a big X. Click it. Ooops. What was I thinking? Half the panels disappear. Same on the texture section. No obvious way to restore them. Damn. I’ll have to abandon that I think and go back to an earlier save…

sometimes you need to reload the texture in the texture tab (F6) to view them…
edit: also sometimes i have to select all uvs in the uv editor, remove and reassign the image to get rid of some problems.

ctrl+a in object mode can also help from time to time when there are texture problems.
texture management is very confusing in my opinon and you need to know the ups and downs to get around these problems:O

Thanks. I’ll experiment with your second idea with the uvs I think.

Mmm… while fiddling witht the UVs I reselected the old texture then reselected the new texture and it sprang onto the chair! Dunno why it didn’t go on the first time.

i have these random bahaviors a lot, so when it doesnt work just switch things around and it will update eventually o_O
texture management is also a huge mess, i export a lot of obj files and i need to set the texture 2 times, once in the uv editor and once in the texture options. thsi is very annoying and i hope this will be better in 2.5 so i dont need to assign a texture in multiple places…

press undo.