How can I change UV coordinates between frames?

I want to change UV coordinates between frames in the same way I change Loc, Rot and Scale, when advancing a frame. Is this possible?

Please see the image below:

The above effect may trick some people but it is not mathematically correct. The UV coordinates of that faces are always the same and what moves is the object. I want the object to be always in front of the camera in the same position and then make the texture move to the right. The UV coordinates shall change not the object axis. But I don’t know how to have different uv coordinates for each frame.

Thank you for read.

Couldn’t you just think of it as a decal and then just move the empty the decal is tracking?

Just brain storming here, I have not tried it.

Also, why not just make your image map a sequence, then you don’t have to change UVs at all, simply display a new image on the appropriate frame.

Have you considered Holly’s frame changer script?

Thank you, both approaches seems capable of help me to deliver the effect I want. I’m playing with decals right now, moving the EmptyMesh object around the egg mesh. With my current settings the image is correctly projected over the surface in each frame but now I’m having problems with the aspect ratio of the image. Scaling the empty does not solve this but I will find the way for sure. The script is something I have to try too but I want to play with decals a little longer as it seems to be the solution for this and other problems I’m facing for this project.

Thank you for the answer.

Both approaches seem to be capable of produce the effect I want. I’m playing with decals right now, following the video tutorial, and the image is correctly projected over the egg mesh except for the aspect ratio that is completely different to what I want but I will experiment different settings to fix it. And to make the image move the only thing I have to do is to change the EmptyMesh position each frame.

About image sequences: yes, I considered it but that required a lot of work to produce the sequence, I know this way I have more control over aspect ratio, but I’m trying to avoid to generate a sequence this time.