How can i copy this wall with animation

Hi guy’s, i did an animation on the hexagon wall with randomize transform, the animation is on the y axis and i have try everything i could think of to copy it to form an hexagonal wall at each pillars. But when i try to copy the animated wall and rotate it to form the hexagonal wall it simply get back on top of the original one.

I have try resetting location, all transforms without success, then i tried to copy it as an instance same thing and i have finally tried ctrl+l to link animation data and played with relations to no avail. To finish i tried baking the animation and again failure.

Is it even possible or do i have to animate each wall one at the time with the pain of changing origins axis etc?

I assume the animation is on each cylindrical hexagonal brick in the wall moving back and forth.

If you move copies of the bricks elsewhere but they still have their original keyframed values, then when you change frame they will snap back to their keyframed value locations.

If you make the duplicates children of another object and then rotate that parent object it should work.

If you make a collection of the wall and then make a Collection Instance, that should work.

Personally I would have done the animation (assuming the animation I described is what’s actually going on) using geometry nodes or using a grid of verts upon which I instance the bricks and then use the displacement modifier to shift those verts back and forth which in turn moves the bricks that are instanced to those points.

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Thank for the answer thinsoldier, the empty trick seem to work but i was used to maya where it was much simpler to do such a thing. I also notice that using delta transform could be another solution but i didn’t test it yet.

How is it done in Maya? (I can’t believe I’m asking this question. I used Maya daily for almost 12 years but now have zero recollection of it.)

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28 sec video here that show how it’s done

I thought you would demonstrate how the y axis location movement is retained and is able to be rotated to form a 2nd wall without issue.

If you only keyframe the scale of a cube in blender and then duplicate it and move it, that will look the same as your maya video.

It’s been awhile also for me but if i remember correctly i had done something similar and it was working with duplicate special. I don’t have access to maya anymore so i cannot test it again to see if i am correct about this.

I just test it in blender with a simple cube and it does the same thing, it snap back to original position.

yeah if you keyframed all transforms but if you only keyframed scale (the only thing I saw animated in the maya clip) then it would look the same as in maya.

I have keyframe only position, cube up and down i didn’t try it with scale or rotation.

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