How can I create a bright glowing light?

If you can take a look at the gunship in this picture, the engines are glowing a vibrant blue.

Can someone tell me how I might create a similar looking light?

Could someone please also tell me how they would go about recreating the spotlights on the spacecraft?

Please help me out!

Maybe you could look at thelight sabermodel for clues on the setup.

You can do that in the compositor. Google “Andrew Price compositor tutorial” and you will be rewarded with a link to a"stop light" tutorial that will answer most of your questions and get you on the right track.

Emitting material, add blur in compositing. Some day you may be able to do it with volumetrics, but compositing will still be faster.

Well in Blender will be using an emitter material and, then in the compositing node you have to use the “Glare” node, in fog glow I think

Alright, thanks for the tips guys! I followed the one place57 recommended and I managed to create a similar lighting effect.

But there are still some problems.

The first is no matter what angle I render the image from the composited lights shine through. You can see this here.

This is the front view, where the lights are supposed to look like this.

This is the second angle picture, but the lights shouldn’t be showing through the spotlight pods. Please help!!

Here is an image of the light setup:

Please, someone help sort this out, the tutorial mentioned nothing about this effect.

i could help with this, first build the model which you want to have glowing lights, add a new material for the parts you want glowing. set the emit value fairly high. then go into node editor select “view compositing nodes” and tick the “use nodes” box, then break the link between render layers and final image click “add” “filter” “glare” then set the type and values in the box before creating a link from output of render layer to input of glare and a link from output of glare to input of composite. pm me for more details. are you working on some type of starship there, i can give you what little advice i have as i do similar stuff.

Someone else already helped solve this problem in another thread. Thanks much for helping though!

This is definitely a compositing process, just like in the “Stop Lights” tutorial. And it’s very informative to see how such a tutorial sets up the total effect, one piece at a time. In a very different world, Ansel Adams famously quoted that a photo was captured in the camera but made in the darkroom. In this case, “in the compositor.” Compositing, and the art of thinking in the way that compositing calls for, is where you really start to unlock the power of computer graphics and to take control of your pipeline.