How can I create animated forming faces?

I want to make a logo animation, start from deform and then the faces (polygonal) is slowly forming into the real form (my actual logo with polygonal style).

This is the illustration

I’m struggling to find out how to make that happen, can anyone help?

Thank you!

Hi, start with all of the pieces in place and key frame them moving out and and then play it back in revers order.


Hello, Make a shape key animation from deformed state to final logo.
To spice things during transformation add some mess in the morphing with geometry nodes.
Here is an example:

Here the object have a shape key animation between a cylinder shape and an sphere shape.
With geometry nodes, the splitted faces of the object rotate around their centers while the shape key animation evolves.
You can go from a messed up object to clean shaped one just playing with keyframes.
Here is the file:
Morph.blend (118.6 KB)

Do not stick with this, play around with geometry nodes for other effects.

Hope it helps.


wow this help me a lot, thank you so muchhhh!!

thankk you!