How can i create round extrusions in this rounded surface

So im working on the legs of my character…im trying to extrude two round shapes (his legs) from the bottom of his body.
The topology of the body looks like this:

Im trying to extrude these shapes from it:

But because all the edgeloops are going towards the centre…i cant select any faces that are oval shaped. I can only select something like this…but this will give me a pizza shaped leg

How can I change the topolpogy so I can extrude a oval shape? thanks!

Enable the Extra Objects addon and add a round cube (SHIFT+A > Mesh > Round Cube). That’s a lot better starting point for subdivision modeling.


If you working with primitive shapes I recommend trying out metaballs

Ill definately do that next time… Or is it usefull to cut of the bottom part en connect the lower halve of a round cube to it? And work from there?

The UV sphere doesn’t have an ideal topology for subdivision modeling, the round cube does.

The metaball creates shit topology but it’s great for a base mesh for sculpting with dyntopo. It needs to be retopologized.

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