How can I create this curve?

I’m trying to model this oil lamp, but I’m having problems getting right the upper part. It’s probably pretty simple, but I can’t figure by myself how to create this sort of curved top-part, nor I’m able to find the correct search terms in Google.


One solution that comes to mind would be to use Screw Modifier with 4 steps (either on Mesh object or a Curve)

Another method is to Bevel edges with Custom Profile (either with Bevel Tool or non-destructively with Bevel Modifier).


Oh yes the good old screw modifier… i think i use the array modifier around an empty too often and the screw gives better “connected faces”.


While I think @stray 's approach is the most accurate, here’s another quick alternative:

  1. start with a plane
  2. inset (i)
  3. repeat a couple of times (shift r)
  4. select the center face, turn on proportional editing (O) and move in z direction


Yep, this solution is perfect, thank you so much :slight_smile: