How Can I Create This Image

I added emitted light but also in this image there is a transparency on glass material. The light source comes from inside of the box. Do you know how can l reach that realistic light material?


Maybe add the emit light inside the box, then make the sign semi transparent?

are you doing it with Cycles or Eevee?

l am doing on Cycles

You could play with a mix of transparency and opacity, use a Wave Texture node to create the vertical lines, at the end put one or two lights into it, or a cube with emission:

Here I put inside a cube with a volumetric emission:


Thanks! This is so useful. How can l add text on the surface with keeping the materials?

You need to create a PNG image with an image editor software like photoshop/krita, and keep the background transparent (alpha 0%):

Then in your material you create an Image Texture, load the picture, mix it with the existing nodes through a Mix Shader, and use the Image Texture alpha output as a factor in the Mix Shader:

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