How can I do a clean cut to a mesh?

Hi, I want to cut the area outside the red rectangle. I’ve tried everything I can think of (I started using Blender today). Everything is mesh.

Also, I’d like to fill it, like this:

I hope you can help me!
Thank you!

The Bisect tool is now here, press on this button for several seconds and select the Bisect tool:

then cut the shape, and in the Operator box (bottom left of the 3D view) choose Clean Inner (or Outer, depending on the part you want to cut):

I’ve tried this but didn’t worked :frowning:
When I select it, all I can see is a black mesh. With the plane it seems different, completly blue.

You must select all your objects. If it looks black it’s probably because the mesh is very dense. I don’t know why it looks blue.

Maybe booleans could be useful also.


Yes but please do a cube over the area and use intersect instead of building a complex shape around. :grinning:

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Thanks for the tips, I’m not using often booleans. That’s said if the final shape for the cut isn’t a cube, I’m not sure if one method is better than the other one.

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It worked perfectly! I also used the tip from Ztreem.
Thank you very much!