How can I find a lost, named bone?

After appending an armature to my current animation, one of the bones has become “lost”. Considering that it is the null_leg.R bone, it is integral to the workings of a foot. Reference “Rigging a Hand and Foot”.

The bone is named “null_leg.R” but after using Pose Mode, Action View, and selecting the bone, it could not be found.

Since it is present in the Action list, it must be present somewhere in my model. I simply cannot find it. It disappeared after I applied a constraint to the bone that pointed to the wrong bone. When I went back to correct the Target Bone, I discovered the bone had seemingly vanished.

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Does Shift+F4 show it?

No, a window appears allowing me to select an Armature or a Mesh to activate. That’s all.


Shift-F4 will only get you the armature, but select that armature, go to edit mode, hit A to select all bones and then you’ll see the list of all bones in the editing F9 window. You should see the missing bone in the list, unless you somehow deleted it or put it into a different armature. If you do see it in the list check to see if the ‘Hide’ button is selected, if so deselect it and you’ll be good to go. If it’s in the list and the ‘Hide’ button was not selected and you still can’t see it, then go back to 3D window and hit the period button. This should center on all selected bones and you’ll see if that bone has been dragged off somewhere. For more help you could also hit the ‘Draw Names’ button to be sure you’ve found the right bone.
If you gave this bone an animation key you could also check the Action Editor and select it by name while the 3D window is in pose mode, you should see it in light blue and the others in darker blue, if you’ll deselected all first.
If you still can’t find it post the blend file and I’ll give it a go.

You can find it at

The bone in question is “null_leg.R”. You can spot the null_leg.L easily, protruding downwards from the heel of the left leg, but the right leg null seems to have vanished.

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Hey tilleyrw,
I looked at the blend, & I fount the lost bone, it wasn’t deleted or hidden, but (I whoulden’t know why) it just got really small:
At the bottom of “loLeg.R” there is a mess of bones (beginings & ends), zoom in really close, & flip on Draw Names (under Editing>Armature), you’ll see your missing bone’s name, but not the bone, right where you see the name, select the small bone begining/end, & pull it down to unveil your missing bone.

I hope this helps out :smiley:

That’s another technique to remember when “debugging” my anims, O.

Thank you for the quick response!


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Glad I could help :smiley: