How can I fix her face?

This face sims a bit strange, but I can’t figure out why… Can somebody push me in the right direction?

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the space between her eyes are wide… make thim slight closer
and give her a little long neck … other than that it looks beautiful !!!

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Hello and big thanks for your advice! It helps! I also softened her jaw and now she looks much better.

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Is this hand modelled, or sculpted? Based on the topology it seems to be modelled in a traditional way. If so thats impressive!

In regards to the critique, try to compare it to a real face.

Now im by no means saying that you should follow real proportions, because styalising is exactly that - going away from realism. But when you do styalise, it has to be based off of real proportions to begin with, and there has to be a purpose to what you exaggerate.
Here i’ve drawn a bunch of lines, outlining different areas of the face, and if you isolate them then i think you can notice some extremes.

One i think is very important, is the green one. I dont think it should be so sharp, and try to not have it cut so deep.
The teal line indicates that you have a very round face structure around the cheek bones, maybe they should not be so oval, and instead be a bit sharper towards the ears, then taper towards the nose, as in the reference, while still keeping that soft cartoon look.
The blue line does not seem to indicate any problems, but i still find that your face looks unnaturally flat.
The red line indicates that the ears may be located a bit far up, perhaps try to allign it a bit more with real proportions.

And the yellow line shows that the top of the eye, and bottom of the eye, are not located in the middle of the head, rather, they’re located quite further down, all though im aware that this is in many cases an artistic choice.

keep in mind, that i did NOT just give you a solution! These are just comparing it to real human proportions, and can give you an idea on what to change.

Save your current state, then try out a couple of these changes, and see what works and what doesnt.

Here is a styalized character i did roughly a year ago. All though its not nearly as styalised as yours, but notice how im still staying true to real proportions, all though features are exaggerated. The only exception is the neck, which in hindsight does seem to cut very deep in my case as well, but thats the beauty of looking at your past to point out old mistakes :slight_smile:

If you have done it entirely without sculpting, then you might be a lot more restricted, as making certain changes can take a very long time with little artistic freedom during the process. I’d also like for you to experiment with the mouth, try a couple different styles and see what you can come up with.


yeah it looks great now !!!

if you are aiming for a baby face silhouette then you are doing the back head + neck position + chin + eyes proportions wrong.
with cute baby silhouettes you have to be very careful cause they fall to the valley very fast! even for the cartoons and stylized ones.