How can I fix this normals problem?

Hi guys!

Does anyone knows how to fix this issue with the normals of this model? I’ve tried everything but my normals still look like they were arranging in some sort of wireframe mode or something :confused:

Thanks in adavance for your responses! :smiley:

  • Were the normals baked on the exact same mesh on which they are used? By that I mean: did you, ex. bake the normals on a mesh that was shaded flat and then set it to shade smooth after the bake? Or did you do the bake on a different level of subdivision than the one on which you are using the texture? both would be a problem for a normal map.

  • Is there any edge detection feature in the shader, such as the ambient occlusion or bevel nodes? I don’t think those are affected by normal maps, so they would detect the angular features of a low poly model no matter which textures you use on it.

Thanks for answering!

I think that’s it, I baked the normals for the head and then put the head into the body wich was a different model. Is there any way I could fix the normals even with this issue?

And also I’m using an AO node, but I don’t want to get rid of it because it’s an important part of my shader.

If you are using an AO node, it’s probably the cause.

AO works by using the actual position of polygons. It doesn’t matter if they are shaded smooth or if they have a normal map, an AO node will detect the sharp angle in a low poly model. The solution would be to add subdivisions to your model until the body looks smooth and no longer has sharp angles that the AO can interact with.

If you can’t subdivide the model, you might need an other solution. Maybe you could texture the AO distance and make it larger on the body, so it’s not so visible against the sharp angles.

Does the body also have normals? If it doesn’t you should check that it’s UVs aren’t placed on top of the head’s texture. Maybe shrink the body’s uvs and put them in the void between the baked areas of the texture.

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I kind of solved it by baking the AO map from my high poly model and adding just 1 lvl of subdivision. It isn’t perfect but it works. Thanks a lot for your responses anf for pointing out the AO was the problem! :smiley: