How can I get 2.53 Beta to use my custom 2.5 Alpha 2 theme?


In Blender 2.5 Alpha 2 I changed the theme colours to resemble 2.49s theme.

Now in Blender 2.53 Beta the colours are back to the default dark theme.

How can I get the 2.53 Beta to use my custom 2.5 Alpha 2 theme?

I think the same thing happened between 2.5 Alpha 0 and Alpha 1.
I did something with the .B25.blend file, but I can’t remember what.

I’m using osx tiger.


If you know where the .b25.blend is stored, then simply open it up in 2.53 Beta and press ctrl-U to save as default.
I believe the beta doesn’t use the .b25 file for the default scene anymore, but instead uses a file with a different name, so that is why your settings weren’t transferred between the releases.

It seems odd but about a month ago blender started saving stuff to the hidden applications directories in windows, no announcement, some mention on the forum and no one would answer my questions about it. Now 2.53 comes out and the applications directories don’t seem to contain the default settings now, instead they seem to be separate in the 2.53 folder, wherever you unpacked it. So as said above, find the old b25 file, or the newer default settings in startup.blend in the hidden applications folder if saved more recently, and then save defaults and blender will put it in the folder Du Jour

Fantastic, thanks to both of you. :slight_smile:

I forgot I had to open the .B25.blend with Blender like any normal .blend file.
Plus don’t forget to uncheck the ‘Hide Invisible’ check box on the File Browser header.

thanks again.