How can i get a poly count?

hmph. i feel dumb. How do i get a poly count? i can’t use the decimater modifer because my ‘mesh no i-fold’ or something.
Do i have to count manually? :no:

I’m not sure, but isn’t a poly = a quad or a tri? So wouldn’t the number of faces = number of polygons?

Look at the top-right corner of Blender’s window.

In a scene with nothing but a cube, it will read: Ve:8 | Fa:6 | Ob:1 . . .

The “Fa:6” is the poly count.

good man Cire (or woman?)
And you tried Cardinal :smiley: yes, poly’s are ‘polygons’ so i’m assuming they’re basically the faces, but meant for 4 sided faces. just a guess tho

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Don’t use the decimate modifier. Go to the scripts window and there should be a script under mesh that is “Convert to Low Poly” or something.