How can I get the walkthrough demo performance?

How is the walkthrough demo standalone on blender3d’s site so smooth?

I used the walkthrough template and continued to set up a simple scene (just a plane and a cube in the middle), but when I run that, it turns out much choppier than the walkthrough standalone demo. It does not have the smooth mouselook movements and porformance of the standalone.

It almost looks as if the walkthrough stand alone has access to some CPU/GPU resources that the walkthrough template .blend file does not have.

I just want to know: (listed in order of importance)

1.How to make my walkthrough, EXACTLY like the walkthrough demo standalone, performance vise.
2. Where I can get the .blend file of that very same stand alone
3. Where I can find a good tutorial on using radiosity.

If you could answer any of these questions, I would be very greatefull.

use publiser 2.25

I don’t belive you can, but you can get most of it from waltkthrough_template.blend

the docs is about as good as it gets

Thank you z3r0 d.

I am a little confused though. How come they didn’t intergrate that smooth performace from publisher 2.25 to something like 2.37 or 2.40 for that matter? I mean it’s a little strange to have a new version of blender, not being able to pull off the same things that an earlier version did, dont you think?

PS: I think you might be the most helpfull person on this forum. As far as I can remember you have answered every question I have ever asked here. Thanks again man, I really appreciate it.

it isn’t like that at all

versions after 2.32 [or so] have the logic and physics seperated from rendering… in 2.25 a redraw meant that both the logic and physics had also been updated EXACTLY one time, in more recent versions the physics or logic could take any number of steps [even 0] between redraws… Imagine you have a really really really bad graphics card [or intel graphics chipset]. At your measly 15fps your cpu has plenty of time free, why should blender limit the logic and physics to 15hz too? [also, this fixes a bunch of framerate-dependent issues blender had]

also, surprisingly, 2.25 can open up .exe files