How can I help?

I have been using Blender for about 2 years now.

It has helped me advance in my job and make a living working in Blender.

I am a subscriber to CG Cookie,, I try to help as much as possible on BSE, and I try to buy add-ons (when I can afford it) to help support the developers.

I am wondering what more I can do to give back to Blender community?

I am currently learning Python, so I hope after a year or two I will be able to help with fixing bugs.

Anyone have other idea’s that would be of use to the community?

The documentation group could always use help adding to and maintaining the manual.

Aweseome, thank you I found the link and will set it up this weekend.

Cool. I’m too in the process of learning Python and re-freshing C/C++ after haven’t touched in, say, 15 years or more. But I want to focus more on QA tester / bug tester as I don’t prefer to understand Blender code at the moment. This is more of a hobby.

My day job is a DBA, so I’m pretty technical.