How can I import an .fbx with multiple animations and view them individually in the Action Editor?

Currently I’m importing a file and getting one action with all the animations concatenated together.
Armature.fbx (4.8 MB)
Tis vexing.

I think you just have to copy/paste the bits you want into new separate channels, give them a fake user, and stash them.

Aw. To be fair, I wouldn’t know how to program something better… but that’s a little inconvenient. =/

EDIT: Is it possible I asked this in the wrong location? I could repost in Technical Support, I guess…!

IMO, it’s more of an import export issue. The imported file simply doesn’t contain the separate actions. It’s possible there’s a script out there that resolves the issue, but not one I am familiar with.

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I don’t think there’s an Import-Export section on the forum, though. =/

Here’s a script that claims to do it, if you have the dough to shell out

better fbx and Unity, also imports it concatenated.

It seems that file is just exported that way

Hmm. That’s weird. Does that happen with every .fbx, do you guys know, or do you think it’s just how this one was setup? Thanks for the braincells and effort, btw.

It’s the case with all the ones I have imported.

Well, shucks. You’d think there would be markers per anim in the exported file, given that Unity can separate the animations. Not that I’d be any help. Well, darn. =(